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Designed to Protect. Curated to Impress.

Investing in the product. Investing in the future.

From the start, we believed Urban Umbrella had potential beyond scaffolding. The idea was always bigger…It was about urban planning and adding economic and symbolic value to the community. When the pandemic hit and businesses moved their operations outside, we knew we could create a safe, elegant solution to shoddy pop-up tents just as we had done with scaffolding.

We designed a customizable “COVID-19 Comeback Kit” with a suite of solutions that includes outdoor heaters, hand sanitizer dispensers, and curbside pick-up lockers to help offices, retailers, grocery stores, restaurateurs, hospitals, and schools stay in business safely.

We partnered with Brooklyn Lab Charter School and leading architecture firms to unveil a new “Front Porch” urban design concept. The Urban Umbrella is being used to create a more orderly area for student 
drop-offs, temperature screenings, and controlled entry and exit from the building. 

We’re rapidly bringing Urban Umbrella into a new market for non-commercial use. In these challenging times, businesses need access to every tool that will bring traffic.

Our bright, airy sidewalk canopies are equipped to add heat lamps, custom lighting, and prominent high-quality signage. With this, we can build tasteful outdoor spaces, providing hard-hit businesses like restaurants, retail, and fitness clubs the opportunity to continue serving customers while following safety protocol. 

During COVID, the urban space in New York City has changed, and the sidewalk has become the place where commerce is conducted, where meetings are being held, and where people are eating. We’ll start seeing public space used differently over the next couple of years, and that includes shutting down streets for restaurants and allowing temporary structures for retail and restaurant use and for schools.

Innovation at the Pace of Now

Smooth, White Finish

Urban Umbrellas are powder-coated with a durable, white glossy finish. Our maintenance teams conduct regularized touchups and cleaning to combat inescapable wear-and-tear, doing their best to ensure Urban Umbrellas retain their polished, distinctive look.

Proprietary Arch System

Urban Umbrella’s patent-protected, umbrella-like arches do double duty, supporting the deck load while preserving modern, streamlined aesthetics. They are designed to catch the eyes and pull them upwards towards the sky, provoking feelings of openness.

Bespoke Engineering

The Urban Umbrella system has undergone rigorous structural assessments by local, state, federal, and independent agencies. Each Urban Umbrella installation is individually engineered and subject to recurrent requisite structural inspections per local codes.

Our Design

Urban Umbrella sidewalk scaffolding is rated Heavy-Duty, capable of sustaining a 300 pounds-per-square-foot (PSF) impact load. It can support pipe scaffolding, rigors, hoists, and material storage. If requested, Urban Umbrellas can be engineered as 600-PSF systems per the Building Code.

Urban Umbrella also offers a cost-effective lighter-weight 150-PSF product for usage outside of New York City, boasting the same premium aesthetics as our standard sidewalk scaffolding.

Urban Umbrella’s steel is proudly fabricated in-house using high-recycled, sustainable materials. We always have product in stock, ready to be installed when scheduling allows.

Made In-House




Unique engineering and premium materials, including thicker legs, make Urban Umbrellas sturdier than traditional scaffolding.


Traditional sidewalk scaffolding utilizes cross-bracing, which inhibits free sidewalk movement, impedes navigation, frustrates wayfinding, and hinders storefront visibility. Advances in engineering and the usage of updated, stronger materials has resulted in our elimination of the cross-bracing, encouraging a cleaner, safer, more open environment for all. 


Our patented, contractor-friendly, slip-free transparent roofing allows for natural daylight to be distributed evenly across the sidewalk over the course of the day. Tested under extreme environments and applications, the transparent panels exhibit the highest performance of any engineered resin.


Our perforated parapet complies with engineering wind-load requirements, allowing for the unique, effectual display of signage. The perforations permit sunlight to reach second-floor windows. 


Our patented LED lighting fixtures foster a healthier, safer sidewalk, brightly illuminating the pavement while promoting ground floor tenants and deterring unwanted company. The shape and color of our lighting is fully customizable. 

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