Urban Umbrella is the first design alternative to the sidewalk bridge in over 50 years. Urban Umbrella transforms construction riddled sidewalks into safe, welcoming pedestrian corridors while giving building owners and developers an aesthetically pleasing option. 



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Revolutionary and elegantly designed, Urban Umbrella was engineered to protect urban sidewalks from falling construction debris. Made of high-strength recycled steel and translucent plastic panels, the structure resembles a gracefully unfurling Umbrella. With arching struts sweeping the structure upwards, the Umbrella is modern and harmonious.



Made of crisp, clear polymer resin, the patented UU panels allow 90% light transmission. This means sweeping skyward views, incredible amounts of sunlight and an airy feeling. Designed and tested for the most extreme environments and applications, the panels exhibit the highest performance of any engineered resin. Pedestrian and tenant friendly for sunlight, the roof is contractor friendly; slip-free, balanced for working and pipe-scaffolding support.

scaffolding is now an opportunity not a burden

custom parapet signage 

Sell more units during construction, fill vacant units quicker, and increase tenant visibility with striking customized signage on Urban Umbrella's translucent parapet. Work with our Marketing team to turn a construction project into a highly effective marketing opportunity.

superior steel & Fabrication Process 

Urban Umbrella fabricates all of its products in-house, at its designated factory. The steel Urban Umbrella uses is superior to anything on the current scaffolding market. The material is commonly produced to be used in the construction of storage tanks, bridges, buildings and other related structural uses. 



Gleaming LED illumination gives the Umbrella unmistakable presence by day or night. With long life and low energy consumption, the arched lighting adds a distinctive elegant styling touch while creating a safer environment for pedestrians at night, illuminating a storefront, and deterring crime, squatting and loitering.

no cross bracing

designed to keep tenant display windows visible

Urban Umbrella eliminates cross bracing that visually obstructs ground floor storefronts and building entrances. The average Scaffolding has cross-bracing 7-8 feet above the ground, directly blocking store-front windows. 

Heavy Duty 300 PSF Rating 

Supports pipe scaffolding and Outrigger scaffolding

Structurally designed and engineered for all construction needs:

  • Demolition 

  • Local Law 11 

  • Ground-up New Development 

  • Facade Restoration 

CUSTOM branding for tenants & Building Owners 

Use the Urban Umbrella as a tool to drive more sales by using custom advertising techniques on the Urban Umbrella system.



Designed with modern fabrication techniques, the time to install an Urban Umbrella is competitive with traditional sidewalk sheds on the market. The Urban Umbrella is an engineered jigsaw puzzle, comprised of friction slip connections and interlocking adjustable pieces that are mechanically fastened. Urban Umbrella installation teams are comprised of experienced scaffolding professionals that are trained to install the product. 




In December of 2009, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Building's Commissioner Robert LiMandri unveiled the Urban Umbrella as the new model for sidewalk sheds for the City of New York. The Urban Umbrella was the winning entry in a city-sponsored competition to challenge architects and engineers to find the most innovative, cutting-edge design solution to the dark boxy scaffolding that is ubiquitous in New York City. Urban Umbrella was selected for its sustainable characteristics, increased safety elements and, of course, beauty. 


The Umbrella was selected by a jury composed of some of the most influential professionals and policy-makers in New York City. The Urban Umbrella product is the culmination of two years of intense engineering reviews and testing with the NY DOB. The Umbrella's architects and engineers produced over 100 configuration options and 450 pages of structural analysis for personal review by the Department's Chief Structural Engineer Dan Eschenasy.The Umbrella is the first design alternative to the sidewalk shed in over 50 years.

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