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Investing in the product. Investing in the future.

From the start, we believed Urban Umbrella had potential beyond scaffolding. The idea was always bigger…It was about urban planning and adding economic and symbolic value to the community. When the pandemic hit and businesses moved their operations outside, we knew we could create a safe, elegant solution to shoddy pop-up tents just as we had done with scaffolding.

We designed a customizable “COVID-19 Comeback Kit” with a suite of solutions that includes outdoor heaters, hand sanitizer dispensers, and curbside pick-up lockers to help offices, retailers, grocery stores, restaurateurs, hospitals, and schools stay in business safely.

We partnered with Brooklyn Lab Charter School and leading architecture firms to unveil a new “Front Porch” urban design concept. The Urban Umbrella is being used to create a more orderly area for student 
drop-offs, temperature screenings, and controlled entry and exit from the building. 

We’re rapidly bringing Urban Umbrella into a new market for non-commercial use. In these challenging times, businesses need access to every tool that will bring traffic.

Our bright, airy sidewalk canopies are equipped to add heat lamps, custom lighting, and prominent high-quality signage. With this, we can build tasteful outdoor spaces, providing hard-hit businesses like restaurants, retail, and fitness clubs the opportunity to continue serving customers while following safety protocol. 

During COVID, the urban space in New York City has changed, and the sidewalk has become the place where commerce is conducted, where meetings are being held, and where people are eating. We’ll start seeing public space used differently over the next couple of years, and that includes shutting down streets for restaurants and allowing temporary structures for retail and restaurant use and for schools.

Innovation at the Pace of Now

Promoting Brands & Ground Floor Tenants

Traditional scaffolding impairs businesses and their branding; one in five retailers permanently shutter following a downturn in sales brought on by scaffolding installation.


Use Urban Umbrella as a marketing tool to maintain the visibility of your company or tenant, or even enhance it. 

Improving Wayfinding

Traditional scaffolding often renders navigational tools like signage and address marquees unseen. Enhance awareness by utilizing our plentiful signage and branding options.

All our signage is custom-made in-house and installed by our professionals. 

Dynamic Lighting Options

Light up the night with custom LED lighting, controllable via remote. Choose your shape, color, and design. 


Customize Your Scaffolding

Transparent Decking

Opaque "Drop-Panel" Decking

Fluted Decking

Specialty Decking

Parapet Designs

Stencil Signage

3D Signage

3D LED Signage

Custom Lighting Shapes

Custom Lighting Colors

Hanging Signage

Steel Banners

Full Vinyl Wraps

Custom Rounded Corners

Branded Brace Fillers

Transluscent Brace Fillers

Custom Leg Colors



Winter Enclosures

Speakers & More

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