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Urban Umbrella offers a whole host of products and services. Our sidewalk scaffolding can be utilized for façade restoration (including Local Law 11-related work), new developments, and demolition. We also supply interior scaffolding as well as scaffolding/overhead protection for rooftops, patios, and terraces.

In addition to scaffolding, Urban Umbrella also offers Canopies for Restaurant, Retail/Commercial, Art, and Event Activation. Canopies leverage Urban Umbrella’s cutting-edge modular scaffolding system for utilization in non-construction-related use-cases. Urban Umbrella also provides event staging services, custom façade netting, signage and branding solutions, and pipe scaffolding.

Urban Umbrella pledges 24/7/365 white-glove service to all our clients.

Our Services

Standard Sidewalk Scaffolding 

(300 PSF)

Lighter-Weight Sidewalk Scaffolding 

(150 PSF)

Scaffolding & Overhead Protection For 

Rooftops, Terraces, & Patios

Interior Scaffolding and Interior

Overhead Protection

Pipe Scaffolding

Construction Fencing

Canopies For Retail, Dining, & Commercial

Event Staging 

Art Activations

Custom Façade Netting

Swapping Out Traditional Scaffolding


Façade Safety Emergency Activations

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