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A New Way For Construction


Urban Umbrellas

Custom fabricated, laser cut steel

The Comparison is Clear

1. Structural Integrity

Urban Umbrella qualifies as a New York City Heavy Duty Shed, with a capacity to sustain a 300psf impact load. It can support pipe scaffolding, is suitable for demolition work, complies with Local Law 11 regulations, and is appropriate for both new development and facade restoration / maintenance.

2. Patented Roofing System

Urban Umbrella’s 300 PSF heavy-duty, patented, translucent structural roofing system allows natural daylight to be distributed evenly over the course of the day.  Designed and tested for the most extreme environments and applications, the panels exhibit the highest performance of any engineered resin. The roof is contractor-friendly, slip-free, and balanced for working and pipe-scaffolding support.

3. LED Lighting

Patented LED lighting fixtures create a safer sidewalk, deter homeless, and promote ground floor retailers. Each Urban Umbrella comes with the choice for custom designed lighting. Choose your shape and the color.

4. Cross-bracing

Urban Umbrella’s steel and column legs are much stronger than traditional sidewalk sheds which allow for the elimination of any cross-bracing. Urban Umbrella is designed to keep businesses open and create a cleaner and more open environment for pedestrians.

5. Parapet

Our perforated parapet complies with engineering wind-load requirements while also allowing for signage to be displayed.

6. Legs

Adjustable height. Each Urban Umbrella is adjustable in height from 12' to 16'. The system can be adjusted on the fly to avoid sidewalk obstacles and awnings. 

For the built environment

A safer, better approach

Revolutionary and elegantly designed, Urban Umbrella was engineered to protect sidewalks from falling construction debris. Made of high-strength, recycled steel, and translucent plastic panels, the modern structure is resilient. We fabricate all of our products in-house with steel superior to anything on the current scaffolding market. Made from both chemical and mechanical properties, the material is commonly produced to be used in the construction of storage tanks, bridges, buildings, and other related structural uses.    

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