Reimagining sidewalk scaffolding


We are Urban Umbrella

Urban Umbrella is the designer, patent holder, and fabricator of the only alternative scaffolding bridge that is approved by The New York Department of Building. The unique product is the first design substitute to be introduced to the scaffolding market in over 50 years. Urban Umbrella is not just an elegant design.  It’s an implemented, engineered, and fabricated structure designed to improve city sidewalks.

Our footprint

Past and present installs.

Safety beyond

A stronger alternative. We fabricate our innovative sidewalk bridges in house with high-strength, recycled steel that’s far superior to anything on the market.

Upgraded features

We’ve done away with cross bracing that obstructs window displays and entrances, and added LED lighting and transparent ceiling panels to illuminate corridors, making it welcoming and safe.

Future Vision

From the start, we believed Urban Umbrella had potential beyond Revolutionary Scaffolding. The idea was always bigger; it was about urban planning, adding economic and symbolic value to the community.

Groundbreaking design

Elegant. Bright. Airy. Beautiful.